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Masra, is Qatar’s first end to end agriculture solution provider based in the State of Qatar that supports local entrepreneurs, established businesses, personal hobbyists and international companies to establish, operate and grow their agriculture capabilities in the small but buying research papers online prolific Gulf state. With an unparalleled commitment to sustainable development and the pillars of the Qatar National Vision, Masra seeks to enhance the resilience of the food system. The Masra team draws from a wealth of in house experience in areas of agriculture, sustainability and local business development. Masra is uniquely situated to provide support in key business areas because of its local presence and vast network within the Qatari business environment.

Masra is privileged to be associated with a vast network of technical experts and organisations who have accumulated success after success in their respective fields. began begun difference The ability of Masra to draw on its network of technical expert from regional hubs such as Beirut, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan enables local solutions to be optimised. Furthermore, the strength of the global network from Australia, USA and Europe enables innovative solution and cutting edge technology to be within a grasp.

Our Mission

“To contribute a vibrant and sustainable food system within arid climates where future generations have access to affordable and nutritious food”

  • Annual freshwater extraction from aquifers is four times the rate of natural recharge of 50 Mm3/y
  • Agriculture produces close to 0.5 million tons of output, ~70% of which is dedicated to green forages intended for animal rearing
  • Qatar has approximately 1,400 Farms
  • Agriculture accounts for 4% of available land in Qatar
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council imports more than 80% of its food requirements
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Masra is equipped to provide turnkey solutions research paper online in the following areas:

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Quality monitoring
  • Marketing, Branding and distribution of local produce

To provide unique solutions to the began and begin public and private sector in the development of a national food system which maximizes social, environmental and online research paper writer opportunities

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Masra Food

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